Young adults will be Empowered by Love

Global gathering of young people for quincentenary Global Youth Summit (GYS) : a time for worshipping together, reflecting on faith across cultures, learning about the local culture, and growing understanding through relevant workshops – and love... 閱讀全文

A beautiful mosaic, crafted by God’s hand

The first story below is from one of our brothers in Argentina. He chose to be anonymous because the story involves sensitive topics. We share this beautiful story because it shows how God put together people with different colours and background,... 閱讀全文

YABs Fellowship Week 2024 - Prayer requests

Latin America Colombia Young people are concerned with mental health and access to work. They face hopelessness regarding the life conditions. Pray for economic resources and opportunities to support and accompany young women to serve in the church... 閱讀全文

Beneath the baobab: A journey of unity, laughter and inspirations

Assuming the role of the YABs Representative for Africa is not just a title; it is an immersive experience into a world of diverse perspectives. Collaborating with fellow representatives is a profound learning journey, encompassing cultural... 閱讀全文

Sweet fellowship on Discord

Young AnaBaptists build global connection during YABs Fellowship Week Between 18-25 June 2023, young adult groups around the world celebrated the Young AnaBaptist (YABs) Fellowship Week . Themed The family I found in my salvation , young people... 閱讀全文

Prayer requests YABs Fellowship Week 2023

Young Anabaptists from around the world share concerns and joys for communal prayer. Latin America El Salvador That we may give priority and recognize the importance of our relationship with God and the service to others, instead of thinking only of... 閱讀全文

Teach the gospel and hold the faith

In 21 January 1525, a dozen or so men slowly trudged through the snow. Quietly but resolutely, singly or in pairs, they came by night to the home of Felix Manz, near the Grossmünster, Switzerland. The chill of the winter wind blowing off the lake... 閱讀全文

Refusing to be a victim and an offender

It was one of the passages narrating the week of Jesus’ passion that first led SangMin Lee to consider the way of peace. Soon after he became a Christian, Lee was moved by Jesus’ teaching to love our enemies, especially his rebuke to Peter for... 閱讀全文

A gospel light in the USA

Christmas around the world Every year on 24 December, my family goes to the Christmas Eve service at Park View Mennonite Church (Harrisonburg, Virginia). It’s a traditional ‘lessons and carols’ service, where we read the Christmas Story from Luke... 閱讀全文

Jesus brings us together in our differences

How to represent Jesus in a live painting? White with a beard as he is often represented in churches? Not really! We had it in our hearts to paint a colorful Jesus, a Jesus in green, yellow, blue, white, red and orange. We are the camp “ Juntos in... 閱讀全文

All voices praising Jesus together in Uruguay

I really love the simplicity of our Christmas parties where we meet to enjoy each other’s company and remember the one that keeps us united.閱讀全文

A month of celebrating Charni Daan

In India, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm from mid November to New Year. Christmas is more special because we get a chance to meet our family and friends.閱讀全文

Sharing love – with sprinkles – in Germany

This tradition reminds me of the message of hope, peace, joy and love at Christmas because you can enjoy a peaceful time together with your loved ones and you can even share this love by giving Christmas cookies to others.閱讀全文

Joy and love: night vigil in Kenya

This tradition always reminds me of the joy and the love we have for each other as a community. Getting together to share meals and storytelling is usually the best part, but the most amazing and wonderful time is during the night vigil when one... 閱讀全文

Youth voices need to be heard

GYS: Life in the Spirit: Learn, Serve, Worship “What a unique opportunity to ask, observe and listen more than we speak,” says Christen Kong, Mennonite Church Canada delegate for the Global Youth Summit (GYS), 1-4 July 2022 in Salatiga, Indonesia. “... 閱讀全文

5 lessons from the pandemic

During times of uncertainty, it is normal to be filled with doubt, fear and panic. Remember when Jesus called Peter out onto the water: Peter took a few steps, but as soon as he looked at his circumstances, he was filled with doubt, fear and panic... 閱讀全文

Meet your YABs Committee

“As we walk with Jesus in relationship, his peace flows out of us into our relationships with others. It must be based in love,” says Young AnaBaptist Lilia Aranguren a member of Iglesia Menonita Venga tu Reino, Villas de Granada, Bogotá, Colombia... 閱讀全文

YABs find purpose in God

“The Gospel of John says that our purpose is to know God and experience eternal life with God,” says young Anabaptist Lilia Aranguren from Bogota, Colombia. “As we walk with Jesus in relationship, his peace flows out of us into our relationships... 閱讀全文

A bridge for connecting people

GYS provides one with the opportunity to really open our eyes to the fact that behind all those countries that appear on the map there are brothers and sisters in faith living in diverse social, economic and political contexts. These contexts are... 閱讀全文

扁豆湯 (Dal) :從湯到心

生為一位參與MCC所舉辦的國際文化交換活動而住在加拿大的印度人,我在煮過扁豆湯 (Dal)幾遍。我第一次煮的時候我有點緊張,但是一直有人請我煮,而且每次需求的量都增加。我第一次煮是為了我的寄宿家庭。接下來,我寄宿家庭的媽媽請我為Thrift on Kent這家店每週一次「湯日」為員工煮(8位)。最後,請我為她所招集的Avocat (MB的一個宣教活動)煮給50-60位成員。 每次我煮,大家都吃得很開心,所以我很高興可以跟大家分享一點印度的美食。扁豆湯是印度的家常菜,通常會跟印度大餅(... 閱讀全文